Holiday Items You Should Buy Now At Back to School Sales

This year is the first official year that I did not have to go shopping for Back to School Supplies for my children. So why did you find me buying items in the school supply section amid all those parents and kids?  Because this is the PERFECT time to save money and buy a few items to tuck away for your holidays.

There are a few key items that are the cheapest they are going to be right now, and  by waiting till closer to the holidays you will spend more than you need to! You'll appreciate this in a few months when you have a few things checked off your holiday to-do list! (And a few more dollars in your pocket too!)

Mini Pencil Cases, I made into cute holiday treat containers

1)BINDERS & FOLDERS:  Let's start first with Holiday Organization. I picked up a mini-binder and some cheap pocket folders (some as low as 15 cents) to make both a holiday planner and a receipt/shopping list holder.  Grab a few binders and folders. Below is a picture of my receipt organizer/holiday to do list that fits in my purse. Here is the link from my original post over at The Tip Garden

2) GIFTS & STOCKING STUFFERS: Now is the best time to buy some gift items and stocking stuffers, such as cute glitter pens and fancy markers. Also Composition notebooks can have the covers decorated with scrapbooking paper,etc. to make perfect journals, recipe books,  scrapbooks, etc. and they are super cheap right now! Don't forget also to  pick up some extra glue sticks and scissors for those crafts you and the kids will be doing, too!

See those cute little plastic pencil cases at the top of the page? I picked those up for less than 50 cents each and during the holidays they will be filled with a lot of different flavors of Hershey Kisses with a cute poem in the inside lid that goes with them for gifts at church, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, etc. This is just my little idea, but the possibilities are endless, and right now the containers are super cheap! Here's the link for my Kisses Poem Gift over at The Tip Garden

3) Mailing, Packaging and Gift Wrapping Supplies: In Today's paper I noticed that a lot of the stores have 50 % off of mailing supplies such as bubble wrap, packaging tape, padded envelopes,etc. I can guarantee that they won't be that price during the holidays! So pick some up today!   Also in last weeks paper  I saw coupons for those popup tape dispensers. I normally don't spend the money on them, but with a coupon now is the time to pick up tape and also one of those handy wrapping paper cutter thingy's (you know what I'm talking about right?).

4) Home Decorating Supplies:  Now that I have college bound kids, I can tell you that right now is the cheapest time to buy extension cords, Command Hooks, and Power strips!  They are all on sale right now for college aged kid's and you will be so glad you saved money now and picked  them up for hanging wreaths, garlands, and can avoid  running out to the store right in the middle of holiday decorating because you ran out!

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