2 Ingredient Body Scub

  Making your own exfoliating body scrubs are a great homemade gift idea! I love the simlicity of this 2 ingredient recipe. 
There are a TON of DIY scrub recipes out there, from lemon scrubs, vanilla, lavender, brown sugar,etc.Some recipes even contain a bit of oil, but I'm pretty sure that no good can come from  a thin coating of oil left on your shower floor,etc. 

For this one, the ingredients are already things you have on hand and are quite economical. 

Jan's Tips: Do as I say, not as I do!  Don't use a glass jar for this, after I did, I realized that soapy glass jars and a wet shower just don't mix well! Pick a nice plastic container!
Also, since we are not cooking the sugar into a liquid, eventually the wash and sugar will separate, so just add a note to the gift tag to gently remix the scrub if needed.

2 Ingredient Body Scrub:
Jar/container Sugar (regular ol' sugar!)
Body wash of your choice or wanna know a great alternative?  Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap w/Oil of Olay (Really, it's great for your skin!). I used a dollar store White Rain Pomegranate Body wash cause that was what I had on hand.

 1) Pour sugar almost to top of jar/container:

 Pour some body wash almost to the top. There is not an exact measurement here. You just want a layer of it for now:

Use a knife to mix the sugar and soap
This is where you decide what consistency you'd like your scrub. Sometimes you need to add more sugar and sometimes you need to add more soap.
 Here's how mine looked:
Screw on the lid, add a cute label and to finish it off, I used some silk flowers that i had and glued a small magnet to the bottom of to put on top of the lid. Done.
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