Thrifty Uses for Recycled Cereal Bag Liners

Recycling Wax Cereal Bag Liners. We've all tossed those clear wax bags that are inside boxes of cereals and crackers, etc. Never throw them away again, and also never buy a roll of wax paper again either!
although it drives my hubby crazy just a little that there is always a wax bag stuffed with other wax bags in the kitchen, I remind him, I never have to buy wax paper, so I am saving money!

Here are a few of the great ways you can reuse an empty cereal bag, that I have collected from all over the place!
1) Cut into squares and use to separate hamburger patties in a freezer bag for the freezer.
2)  Use as a shake and bake bag for chicken, potatoes, or anything messy.
3)  Use as an icing bag by filling with frosting, and cutting a small corner. Twist the top closed in your hand
4) Open  the cereal bag along one side and across bottom, lay flat and use as wax paper for chocolate candy making. ( I just did this a few minutes ago to drizzle melted white chocolate chips over popcorn, yummo!)
5) Open bag as above and use to roll out pie crusts or cookie doughs.
6) Use to press down your rice krispy treats in your pan.
7) Use to separate brownies, rice krispy treats, etc. in storage containers
8)Use in your food saver/seal a meal to store and seal leftovers
9)Take along in your diaper bag or car for storing dirty baby diapers till you can  toss them away.
10) Pooper scooper bags while walking the dog.
11)Store wet clothes/swim suits on the car trip home.
12) Cut a corner of the bag and use as a funnel
13) Use as a sandwich baggie for toting larger sandwiches/subs in a lunch box.
How do you use your recycled wax bags?


  1. Just when I thought I was pretty thrifty... I'm lucky if use one now and then. And I was just looking for more ideas to do with them because I feel bad throwing them away! Thanks!

    1. Glad I am not the only one who hates throwing them out, although I do drive my hubby crazy a tiny bit with them. But I find myself grabbing them all the time now. Let me know if you think of any new uses!

  2. Love this!!!!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop .Sorry I am slow to comment. I look forward to seeing what you share this week. Big Hugs

  3. P.S. adding this to my new uses for old things board

  4. Great! Some of those I hadn't thought of (like using it as a funnel). I sometimes put stinky food trash in them so I can throw it directly in the large trash can in the garage. Carrie


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