All Purpose Cleaner

Making your own all purpose  cleaner is so inexpensive that you'll never want to go back to buying it again!  It cleans very well and  is super easy to mix together.

It's perfect to refill your spray bottles and to use for cleaning floors, store the extra in an empty milk or water jug and label.

There are two kinds of ammonia: Regular, also known as clear or non sudsy ammonia, and the second type is sudsy ammonia.
What is the difference?
Regular ammonia does not streak and is perfect for windows, mirrors and chrome. Sudsy ammonia has a touch of detergent in it and is great for cleaning grime and dirt.

Jan's Tip: If you can't find sudsy ammonia in your store, make your own by adding a squirt (yes a very scientific measurement!) of liquid dish soap (make sure there is NO BLEACH in the dish soap!) to the regular ammonia. 

All Purpose Cleaner:
1 gallon hot water
1/4 cup sudsy  ammonia
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon baking soda

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