Grilled Asparagus

Grilled Asparagus. It is so easy to do! In just minutes you can have a fresh side dish grilled to perfection along side your grilled fish, chicken, or steaks.

While your meat/main dish is out on the grill is plenty of time to get your asparagus ready to throw on there too.  They grill in about 5-7 minutes so you can time it toward the end of your meats cooking time (depending on size /type of meat).

To grill asparagus:

Wash/rinse asparagus under cool running water.

Trim off the last inch or so off the end, it tends to be a bit too tough for most people:

If your asparagus is a larger /fatter diameter than about 1/3 inch you may want to peel the bottom stems. If they are thicker than that, they can be a little bit tough. (I prefer them peeled, my hubby doesn't care):

Place trimmed, and peeled asparagus in a pan large enough for them to fit (like a bread pan)
and lightly drizzle with olive oil: (Vegetable or Canola oil is fine too)
Grill asapragus over medium heat directly on the grill rack for approx. 3 minutes per side.

Remove from heat. Season as desired. (I sprinkle a little garlic parmesan seasoning on mine):
Serve immediately:
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