How to Squeeze Every Drop Out of Every Bottle.

How much money do we throw away by not squeezing all of a product out of a tube or bottle? Many of us already add a little water to a shampoo or salad dressing bottle to swirl the remaining product out. Don't forget however to snip open every tube and bottle and scrape the left over product out.

Because a tube or narrow neck bottle (like some lotions, medicines, etc). are impossible to see how much product is left, you really don't know how much is still in there even after you've scraped and squeezed as much as possible. Common tubes are: Toothpaste, makeup, lotion, tomato or garlic paste, sunscreen, etc.

My Motto?: If you can't see through the packaging at how much is in it, then you need to cut it open and check before tossing! Every time!
unused product out of an "empty" bottle

Here's my most recent tube slashing:
Target?: "empty" bottle of tinted sunscreen/foundation
after not being able to squeeze any more product out of the tube, I  snipped it open. What I found was a LOT of unused product!

Jan's Tip: I usually open the bottle or tube either by snipping off the opposite end of the mouth (like I did in the photo above, or by snipping off the mouth of the bottle (like in a narrow neck lotion bottle).  If I don't have a container to put the unused product into, I usually store it in a ziplock bag, and slowly use the product from the new opening, and then continue snipping the bottle shorter and shorter, using the product as I go till I am near the other end of the tube/bottle.

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