BakedTortilla Crisps

homemade tortilla chips

Making your own tortilla crisps is not only super duper easy and healthier than a bag of fancy store bought, it is way cheaper too! Once you bake up a batch, you'll never buy a bag again!

When making Chili, Taco soup or even a Mexican casserole that needs a little cruncy tortilla chip on top,  I always make these little crisps. My children would fill up on chips alone if I used full sized tortilla chips, so these are the perfect way to add the crunch they desire without letting them just fill up on chips!

It takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish to make these and your children will be able to help make them too!

Jan's Tip: I generally use one tortilla per person in figuring out how many to cut.
Baked Tortilla Crisps

Corn Tortillas
Non-stick cooking spray

Layer 2-3 tortillas in a stack.
Using a pizza cutter, cut tortillas into strips
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