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Make a No-Sew Fleece Poncho by Kimberly Danger

One of the characteristics of fleece is that it won’t ravel, therefore no sewing is required! Best of all, it’s cheap. With one yard of fleece you can make two adorable no-sew ponchos. The fabric I found was a little over $5 per yard at Walmart, making each poncho just about $2.50.  There are dozens of cute fabric patterns and colors available too.  These fleece ponchos are not only stylish and snuggly, they’ll fit your budget just right!
You’ll Need:
One yard of 60” fleece of your choice (this will make two ponchos for a  small girl; if you have a toddler you can get by with 3/4 yard).
Large beads (optional)
1.  Cut your large piece of fleece in half.  Trim so that the pieces are perfectly square (approx. 30″ x 30″ for a girl; 27″ x 27″ for a toddler).  The two pieces should be large enough to make two ponchos for a toddler or young child.
2. Fold fleece in half diagonally
3. Find center of fold
4.  Cut a semi-circle around the center 5” inches across for neck (I traced a small bowl to help with this).
5. Cut fringe all the way around the bottom
Optional:  Tie a knot at the base of each fringe tassel
Optional: String one wooden bead on each fringe tassel before tying the knot.
If you already have a poncho that fits, you can use that as a basic pattern.  That goes with other items you may want to make with fleece:  see if you can find an item you already have
that is about the right size that you can use to make a pattern out of