Candy Corn Party Favors

These cute little miniature "ears of corn" are easy to make and perfect as a little party or wedding favor for an autumn event, for grown ups and kids alike.
I first saw this little idea from a magazine article. I believe it was the April 2008 issue of Better Homes & Garden but now I can't find the article I saved to be 100% sure. The problem is, it was just a photo but no directions on how to make it.
So today I have just sort of "winged it" and am showing you what I did. If you find any methods that work well when you make them, come back and share them with us in the comment section! We'd love to hear.
The original magazine ones used harvest colored jellybeans placed in cellophane bags, I didn't want to hunt high and low for that, and realized that the little chocolate candies called "Sixlets" Already come in harvest colors and in clear cellophane bags so that is what I used. Jan's tip: I tried using some natural colored raffia to tye the corn husks with but was breaking them by pulling too hard in tying, so I switched to a thin bakers twine. Feel free to try raffia or even fishing line maybe as an alternative.
Candy Corn Party Favors: Supplies:
Corn husks (found in the international aisle of most grocery stores) Candies in cellophane bags (I used Sixlet candies) String Scissors Instructions:
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