Gift Ideas You Still Have Time to Make!

Here are a few ideas for gifts from the 2014 archives over here at Tip Garden. They all are would make really nice gifts for family, friends, and neighbors!

I have chosen a few of my favorite posts in each of 3 categories: Food Gifts, Crafty Gifts, and Free/From the Heart gifts. I hope you'll love them as much as I do!
Happy Gifting!

Food Gifts:

A gift of homemade granola is high on my college kids list. I make large batches for them, as well as for family. It is ALWAYS requested! I keep my ingredients very simple when giving as gifts.

Brownie Mix:  
You can make a large batch of this master mix and divide it up into several gifts. Package in a mason jar and send along the recipe for them to whip up their own batch. (You can even put some choc. chips into the mix too!)


Pom Pom Pens: 
Whether you make these, or your daughter makes these with your help as gifts for friends, I can guarentee they'll be well loved!

Stencil Dot Crafts: 
Originally as a t-shirt craft, I can see this on flour sack towels as a gift from your kiddo's to a favorite grandmother or Aunt. Make a set for all the holidays!

Gift in a Can: 
When its really "the thought that counts" and you just want to tuck some small items like nail polish, a gift card, etc. into a creative gift container, making them Pop the top on a sealed can will turn a simple gift into a very memorable one!

Free and From the Heart: 

Hand Written Recipes:
There is something being lost in todays digital world when it comes to recipes. Giving the gift of your favorite recipes written in your own handwriting for grand children or children will be a gift that is cherished for many years to come.

  The Worlds Best Free Gift for Family:     Where I'm From....

This easy to use writing template will help you write a gift poem that will reduce your loved one to tears... guarenteed!  Think you can't write?  The template in this post will talk you through it and help you write a treasured momento that will cost you nothing but time, but be the best time you ever spent on a gift, I promise! Come give it a try! You won't be sorry!
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