Upcycyled Chevron Picnic Blanket

This durable yet cute picnic blanket is perfect for a picnic themed wedding or bridal shower gift, or just to throw in your own car trunk for impromptu picnics or baby play time at the park!

To start your picnic blanket you will need:


Painters Canvas Drop Cloth (found any a variety of sizes at home improvement stores)
Paint: ( I used Latex outdoor matte finish, but you may want fabric paint for more washability)
Paint roller (4 inch roller)
Tape measure
Yard stick
Flat edge tool (such as a credit card or spatula)
FrogTape® Shape Tape™ (I used the chevron pattern)


Wash & dry your canvas drop cloth.  Cover work surface with a plastic drop cloth or newspapers. Lay laundered canvas on work surface.

Use the tape measure, and find the 4 inch mark from the edge of the canvas and make small pencil marks at evenly spaced spots on all sides of the canvas.

Starting at one edge, lay yard stick along the pencil marks and draw a line connecting the pencil marks into a solid line. Repeat on all sides.

Repeat step 4 & 5 but do it now at the 8 inch mark.
Measure out one length of Frog Tape® Shape Tape™ to the length of one side of the top 4 inch line.

Peel the backing off the tape and line up the points of the chevron tape to meet at the top of the pencil line.

Use flat edged tool (I used a plastic store reward card) to press and seal the edges of the tape to the fabric.  Repeat Steps 8 & 9 till all sides of canvas at top 4 inch line has been taped.

  To begin the bottom 8 inch lines on the canvas, MAKE SURE you start the tape in the exact same spot on the tape as the top line. This will ensure your final look, is a perfect Chevron Stipe. Repeat Steps 7-10.

Your canvas should now look like this:

Keep your flat edged tool handy. Working in small sections, carefully recheck edges of  the inside edges of the chevron tape making sure you have them sealed well.

Use paint roller paint the stripe, stopping to check the edges of the tape with your flat edged tool before painting a new section. Paint all the way around the blanket.

Let paint dry (mine was indoors and dried in an hour).  Gently peel off the FrogTape® Shape Tape™ from the canvas.

Picnic Blanket Done!

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