Upcycled Bookend: Recipe and Cookbook Holder

I made this recipe holder out of an old wooden bookend. It was an easy project to do with items I already had. I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for possible items as you thrift shop and yard sale.

I kept mine simple since I didn't want to spend much/any money, but the recipe holder could be made several different ways. Use the new magnetic paints, or glue down a piece of sheet metal to hold magnets, etc. You'd be surprised out how you can re-purpose things, keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities!

Since the book end sat straight up and down, and I needed it to tilt back at a slight angle, I had my husband cut the back piece at an angle for me:

Next I decided that instead of painting the piece a different color, I'd use a piece of scrap booking paper that I love that was red with aqua dots. (the picture makes the red look too bright and you can't really see the aqua in the dots, it's really more of an antique look to the paper)
Using modge podge on the wood, I applied the paper to the front. Next I applied some decorative stickers. Then I painted a clothes pin  that I had on hand. My husband cut me a scrap of wooden molding  he had left over to use as a cookbook rest along the bottom. I painted that as well.  While the clothes pin and molding  were drying,  I used modge podge on the front of the recipe holder to seal it and protect it from spills while cooking. When the clothes pin, and molding were dry,  I hot glued the clothes pin and molding into position. I then used a few small finishing nails to secure the molding better, so it could hold the weight of the cookbooks.

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